Month: August 2008

the major challenges that companies are facing in a world with no boundaries

In my personal opinion, the major challenges that companies are facing right now are changes that occur very often and quickly, either from internal or external factors. These factors include changes in different environments, from economic, market, business, social political, or information technology. Changes have become a part of everyone’s life. For instance, no one uses a briefcase-sized cell phone anymore, it is something that we all accept and conform with. A Change is a must, because change is an initial of improvement. To improve is to change the position to become more forward from before. A change should be managed by a good management, which will cover all aspects of what is important or crucial to a country. Companies can differentiate themselves from others by always trying to adapt the  situation which always going rapidly, because I think everything will always be changing, whatever the circumstances are, and the only thing that would not change is the change itself,  it means that it will always be dynamic.

There are several steps to make a successful change. First, companies should check their position in current condition, where they are right now and where they want to go. Then, after they define on what aspect they want to change and what the objectives from that change are, they should plan and design it by breakdown on what the competencies needed to achieve their goal. The next step is they should prepare all the supporting infrastructures, such as key performance indicator, reward system, information technology, and forming the team. The team leader should be able to involve the entire organization’s member, because as a process, the change has the “law of native” rule so that every member should understand the organization’s vision and have the sense of belonging.  After the great plan is set, the next step is implementation, which needs good communication among the members so that the change objectives can be achieved.  The last step is control. While controlling the change, companies should focus on the modern quality control, known as PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action). “Plan” is determining the objectives and process needed to achieve the expected   specifications. “Do” is implementing all the process. “Check” is monitoring and evaluating the process and the results, then compare it with the company’s objectives and also report the outcome. “Act” is applying actions to the outcome for the necessary improvement, which means reviewing all the four steps and modifying the process in order to improve it before the next implementation. After all steps are implemented, they should continually improve all functions to achieve the sustainable growth. If all companies do all the four steps mentioned before, I believe that they not only will be differentiating from others, but they also will be the leader in their industry.