Month: September 2011

take the second chance to get your dream

“You want something? Go get it. Period” that was a memorable advice Christopher Gardner gave to his son in the Pursuit of Happyness movie (2006). It reminds me back of what happen ten years ago, when I had a dream to enter one of the public universities. Even now I can still remember the time that I read newspaper for one aim: searching for my name. I looked again and again, and… unfortunately…. my name wasn’t there. What did I do? I forgot. All I remember was my best friends’ names were there. Yes. They are got accepted into the well-known public universities. What made me sick was they put their name on my friend’s bedroom wall. Their name, their university, and year. I know that’s sounds a bit weird, but hey, it made me feel like I was the biggest loser. I played together, arranged a band together, studied together, did stupid things together with them, but how come they got it and I didn’t ?

But I didn’t want to sit down and cry for that failure. I remember that Thomas Alfa Edison didn’t invent the lamp in his first trial, nor did Colonel Sanders when he started KFC. There is always a second change! Therefore, what I did was trying to catch the dream that I’ve almost missed! Instead of focusing on studying in the private university (I studied there for a year), I took a ‘bimbel’ class that was dedicated for the alumni. I studied bloody hard at that time. I get all of the entertainment stuff (TV, playstation, anything) out of my room for six month. I spent day and night working on the thick-SPMB-preparation book. I worked out every questions and answers provided. I think I lost a bit of social life for a while. Even though sometimes I went out with those friends just to burn my spirit to study. I really want to get sort of the same level with them.

Finally, that exam day came. I still remember that my father drove me to the exam place himself just to support me. I did the exam pretty well. To shorten the story, I made it. Yeah, I made it! I was accepted to join the yellow jackets team! The first thing I did after I get the announcement was, gone to my friend’s bedroom wall and put my name beside theirs. I ain’t gonna tell how much my father proud of me or how confuse I was to decide whether or not leaving the private uni that I eventually like.

What I want to tell you here is that if you have a dream, just get it. Don’t give excuses why you failed it. People don’t want to hear your excuses. They don’t care about it. Stop complaining about your failure cause it won’t take you any further to your dream. If you have failed, remember, there’s always a second chance for everything. Also, as a human, we have a powerful ability to utilise the hidden energy to achieve our dream. In ‘the secret’  theory, if you think about your dream everyday, then “the universe” will bring you closer to that dream. Well, I don’t believe that. What I do believe is, it is not the universe who get you closer to the dream, but the Creator of universe instead. Anyway, the point is, don’t ever gave up your dream just because you fail it in the first place. Just try it, and again, and again, and again. Until you get that dream.

However, if you have achieve it, think about what Michelangelo said “the greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it”.

Sydney, at a very late friday nite, 2011